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Yemen – IHL violations in 2019

With the recently published “Letter dated 27 January 2020 from the Panel of Experts on Yemen addressed to the President of the Security Council“ we can finally have a better picture, at least one from less biased eyes, of what has happened in Yemen across 2019. The “Letter” is published every year in late January […]

5GIT – Demo research

How to use it To illustrate some of the tool workings and in general suggest ways to use it in your researches, I’m going to guide you through a fast research over the Persian Gulf area, specifically we will check if as consequence of the August 17 and September 14 attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure, […]

SENTINEL-1 and the Seas of Japan

SENTINEL-1 and the Seas of Japan

While checking for Patriot activity in South Korea I stumbled on the interesting increase of interferences in the seas surrounding Japan. This pushed me to investigate a little further to isolate the potential sources for them. HyĆ«ga class helicopter destroyers The vessels (2) which became operational in the late first decade of 2000 saw the […]

Cyprus Exploitation

The eastern Mediterranean Sea has been living some intense years due to the multiple conflicts in the area. The Syrian and Libyan civil wars and the Israeli / Palestinian “situation” are the most gruesome and active, but many other, less “kinetic” situations exist. Among this less known, tense but (up till now) military-less confrontations there […]

5Ghz Interference Tracker

5GIT is a tool developed in Google Earth Engine that uses SENTINEL-1 satellite data to isolate strong radio signal sources operating close to the 5.5 Ghz frequency on which the satellites CSAR sensors operate (CSAR stands for C band Synthetic Aperture Radar).

Discord – Twitter account control

This fast post will try to describe how the discord server and its users can control the @OSINTEditor twitter account. (skip to bottom of the page for short video about the procedure if you want to avoid the wall of text) First and most important thing, you will need a role to be able to […]

Hello World !

This is first post of the OSINT Editor website, yay !! The project just started and while exciting there is A LOT still to do… Stick around to see content (slowly…) begin to show up on the site or join the Discord server to help shaping up the community, the website and the twitter account. […]