The community in general

OSINT Editor is a brand new initiative built around a discord community, the goal and hope for it is to build a pool of OSINT amateurs, experts and in general all those interested in Open Source Intelligence so to leverage a shared pool of knowledge to filter, fact check and evaluate news coming out of the social media OSINT world, propose researches/investigations and provide tools and learning material for the tools and techniques around which most of the OSINT world revolves around.

Join our discord server and take a look around or simply follow our Twitter account to have a stream of community filtered content.

The website

Community members can propose and/or create articles, tutorials and tools, this website and the associate twitter account hope to provide a platform for their well laid out and researched work.

We have no issue with users promoting their twitter handles or other endeavours via their posts here just demand high standards for content that has to be constructive and well researched.