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OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing: Sensational Head...

Kuomintang Chairmanship Elections

This weekend’s focus is on Mail Cat, a one of a kind cat who loves to search for emails without letting others know about it, a follow up on Real Raw News from Bill McCarthy of PolitiFact, and commentary on the implications of the Kuomintang Chairmanship elections. The main image is sourced from the Kuomintang […]

OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing: Identifying and ...

Identifying and dissecting propaganda

Welcome to OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing, a new weekly OSINT newsletter. As this is the inaugural edition of the newsletter, a brief introduction is warranted. The goal of OSINTEditor is to deliver cutting edge OSINT information and methodology in an open-access format. Moreover, there is an aim to combine Open-Source Intelligence with the power of geography […]