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Introducing NewsDeck

Happy to finally introduce our latest effort : NewsDeck ! The goal of the project is to provide a single webpage with an easy to use interface to display news from twitter and when possible geolocate them. This to give a fast glance of what is happening and where it is happening. NewsDeck tries to […]

Chinese APT Antlion Targeting Taiwanese Finan...

Intro Note: If you are technically knowledgable in cyber defence and offence, you can read the original research into the Antlion campaign from Symantec’s Threat Hunter Team; or listen to The CyberWire’s Research Saturday Podcast with Symantec. As these are technical sources, my goal is stay non-technical and offer the key takeaways for the general public; especially insight into […]

Ukraine war – UK Defence Intelligence daily m

Ukraine war – UK Defence Intelligence daily maps

Set up this page to use NXN interactive map software (still in alpha) to present UK Ministry of Defence maps in a interactive timeline so to better visualise and explore the evolution of the conflict. This page will be updated daily as new maps are published UPDATED with May 11 map (might need to clear […]

OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing: 24 October

This week in the Sunday Briefing, tools to research terrorism and radicalisation, techniques on investigating the rising, and leading, social media platform TikTok, and a discussion on the importance of ethics relating to a politically charged attempt at prosecuting a journalist. (Main image: The source code for the OSINT Editor site. Oops, I am a […]

OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing: 17 October

OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing: 17 October

This week in the OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing, how to turn a game into an OSINT tool, the InVid tool to fight disinformation, PLA airbase construction, and Grifthorse, the fleeceware campaign that keeps on grifting.   WeVerify: InVid Creating disinformation is relatively easy: find a dramatic video, copy and paste that video out of context and […]

OSINTEditor Sunday Briefing: Shifting Paradig...

This week takes a look at two DSNlytic tools for OSINT Network operations, covert operations for the PLA and Russian paramilitary groups, changes to the CIA, and local political context for Taiwan President Tsai’s National Day speech. Main image source: Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan) DNSlytics Google analytics is a powerful tool […]