This fast post will try to describe how the discord server and its users can control the @OSINTEditor twitter account. (skip to bottom of the page for short video about the procedure if you want to avoid the wall of text)

First and most important thing, you will need a role to be able to affect the twitter account behaviour so behave in the server, contribute if you can and if you are willing to help or have particular OSINT related experience (or any other you think might help the community) contact an Admin or Moderator asking for a role. (or use the introduction channel).

Ok, now that you know the role thing, here the core principles.

Reactions !

The 3 reactions that allow you to control the Twitter account

The system is currently based on 3 simple reactions which if used on a post containing a link to a tweet will allow you to “vote” for an action to be taken in relation to the mentioned tweet.

Roles have different weights, so that more users of a certain role will be required to approve an action, but in general, once a “weight” (given by the sum of reactions weights) is reached HAL 42 (the bot that basically runs the server) will like or retweet the tweet.

Composing tweets

#tweet-compose channel serves to post messages you think should be tweeted by the community account (such as situation reports, situation analysis, “news” etc). By posting a message in the channel it will be but up for votes, using the :tweet_it: reaction and the same basic “weight” concept as explained previously the community will decide what to do with it.

The system currently allows for one image to be posted attached to a tweet, it also supports threading for longer messages.

Replying to tweets

If you think the @OSINTEditor account should send a reply to a specific message, you can do so by posting in the #tweet-compose channel a message which should be composed in the following way:

|reply |

The content of your reply.

Please pay attention to the | characters which have to enclose both the reply command and the link to the tweet you want to reply to, anything that is written after the closing | will be used as content of the actual reply tweet. Threading and 1 image posting should work just as for normal tweets. (NOTE: leave a blank space between the tweet URL and the final | so not to confuse link detection). Once your message is posted in the correct channel, usual voting procedure can start with same rules.


For all of the various cases listed above, you can cast a “negative” vote, the weight of your vote will be subtracted from the “positive” votes so to oppose a twitter related action.

Bot reactions

HAL 42 will react with either a blue heart or a checkmark to provide feedback about its actions. If he reacts with a blue heart it means he as liked the tweet mentioned in the post, a blue checkmark means he has retweeted or tweeted the message. Once bot reacts, further voting for the specific action will still be considered and can lead to tweet deletion, un-like and un-retweet actions. (so basically the :tweet_reject: reaction can be used to delete content or cancel a twitter related action)


The channel serves to show eventual replies and mentions received by the @OSINTEditor twitter account, keep an eye on it and eventually use the reply feature to answer questions etc.


All the twitter related actions will be logged in the #tweet-log channel, tweet likes, tweets and retweets will appear there with informations about the users who voted to make the action happen.

Video !

Here a simple video showing the system at work and explaining its working.