Happy to finally introduce our latest effort : NewsDeck !

The goal of the project is to provide a single webpage with an easy to use interface to display news from twitter and when possible geolocate them. This to give a fast glance of what is happening and where it is happening.

NewsDeck main interface

NewsDeck tries to exploit and amplify Twitter news potential, with all main news entities being active on the platform, OSINT news accounts, analysts and experts in general sharing their thoughts on it, NewsDeck tries to be something like a more efficient and global news oriented RSS reader.

The tweets selection, which is updated every minute or so, is based on twitter lists which range from official press agencies to OSINT rumour accounts, including analysts, cybersecurity experts etc.

Can also check all tweets independently from the location (if any) detected (Tweets button on the left of screen) .

News items (tweets) can be filtered by publishing time, source, country or simple keywords.

NewsDeck is currently somewhere between an Alpha and a Beta version, not perfect and a lot will still change in coming weeks, BUT it is usable and sort of helpful. All feedback will be more than welcomed, so don’t hesitate reaching out via our Discord server or directly via email at newsdeck@osinteditor.com

No twitter account is needed, and we don’t store any kind of personal data, track you etc (beyond the integrated Google ads). Cookies are used just to store your preferences as per news filters and display options.

More features and informations about the project will come soon, but in the meantime, you can give a look at it and start using it. Feel free to share the link and once more, feedback, suggestions and bug reports are more than welcomed.