Updated 12/12/2022

In collaboration with @PutinIsAVirus we are going to keep this interactive map updated with the latest movements, status and general informations on the main yachts owned by Russia oligarchs and their international sanctions status. (Especially on mobile devices, use this link for a better experience) WARNING: map tech is still very much in early development… more on the tool here

Latest changes:

  • 12/12/2022 – Map updated with latest movements and positions. NORD spotted in the Maldives after having caused some commotion in South Africa where it was originally headed for. Putins yacht GRACEFUL reached Saint Petersburg with transponder off. Turkey and UAE continue providing safe harbor for sanctioned vessels…. Map visualiser updated with Search feature, click on the magnifying glass on the top right of the screen to search for vessels, oligarchs, countries etc… 
  • 10/5/2022 – ANNA position updated, still traversing the Atlantic Ocean – PACIFIC crossed the Panama canal into the Caribbean Sea – LE GRAND BLEU back on AIS reporting moored in Puerto Rico – TITAN continues to happily cruise Turkish coasts – SPACE crossed the Bosphorus into the Black Sea, currently headed East towards Russia.
  • 5/5/2022 – AMADEA seized by Fiji authorities at US request – TITAN back at sea – RAHIL cruising the Black Sea after a stop in Sochi
  • 2/5/2022 – Titan departing from Dubai reached the Suez Canal headed towards the Med Sea – Rahil left Tuzla, Turkey and is currently in the Black Sea – Anna appears to have begun crossing the Atlantic Ocean headed for the Med Sea – RAGNAR after a brief stop in Port Said went to Marmaris, Turkey, and is currently moored there.
  • 26/4/2022 – Added FLYING FOX a $400 million yacht owned by Dmitry Kamenshchik – RAGNAR position update after a fast stop in Tunisia, now headed towards Beirut. – Update positions of CLIO and OCEAN VICTORY (thanks to @CovertShores spottings)
  • 22/4/2022 – Added SPACE owned by Vagit Alekperov – Added RAHIL owned by Arkady Rotenberg
  • 20/4/2022 – RAGNAR entered the Mediterranean Sea, still reporting Malta as destination.
  • 15/4/2022 – RAGNAR position updated, currently just west of south Ireland
  • 14/4/2022 – Added AMADEA, currently investigated by Fiji authorities and allegedly owned by Suleiman Kerimov. – RAGNAR position update – CLIO position update
  • 13/4/2022 – CLIO back on AIS to transit the Suez Canal headed north, reporting GOCEK (Turkey) as destination – RAGNAR still reporting Malta as destination but taking the hard way North of Scotland.
  • 5/4/2022 – A reached UAE with AIS off, satellite pictures reveal she is currently moored in Ras Al-Kaimah – MY SOLARIS at anchor in Yalkavak Turkey. 
  • 4/4/2022 – TANGO seized by US and Spanish authorities in PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN. – MY SOLARIS back at sea and slowly cruising in the Aegean Sea
  • 2/4/2022 – AURORA reached Marmaris in Turkey (where Romanovich My Solaris is) – RAGNAR stopped in a Norwegian fjord near Alesund – Added HALO and GARÇON, both owned by Roman Abramovich and currently being “investigated in Antigua
  • 31/3/2022 – NORD reached the cheerful Vladivostok, Russia. – RAGNAR left Narvik, Norway, and is currently at sea reporting Malta as destination. 
  • 30/3/2022 – AURORA South East of Crete – Added ownership of PHI and PHI PHANTOM
  • 29/3/2022 – NORD entering the Sea of Japan – PHI added to the map as it was seized by UK authorities, owner unknown.
  • 28/3/2022 – NORD back on AIS in the East China Sea north of Taiwan, AURORA spotted south of Sicily.
  • 26/3/2022 – LE GRAND BLEU departed from Sint Marteen and is currently South of Porto Rico headed West.
  • 25/3/2022 – AURORA left Barcelona and is currently heading East in the Med sea.

Tracking the yachts

Using multiple OSINT techniques it is possible to keep track of most movements of the oligarchs vessels, be it AIS data available on multiple web portals as MarineTraffic.com, satellite pictures spottings and contributions from on the ground spotters, this map attempts to collate that data and present it in a easy to explore way.

(more soon…)