5GIT is a tool developed in Google Earth Engine that uses SENTINEL-1 satellite data to isolate strong radio signal sources operating close to the 5.5 Ghz frequency on which the satellites CSAR sensors operate (CSAR stands for C band Synthetic Aperture Radar).

As originally discovered by Harel Dan and well laid out in this Medium article, strong (mostly military) radio emitting sources, operating in the same band as the satellite sensor, cause artefacts on the satellite data which can be used (in some cases) to pinpoint the source location and more generally provide an idea of (some of) the military radar activity in certain areas and in specific period of times.

5GIT tries to facilitate researches based on this technique with some useful tools and an easy way to pull data for specific locations and timeframes, compare it, measure and in general analyse it.

The tool can be accessed at this link while here you will find some more generic info on the technique.

Here a simple twitter based tutorial with the basics of the tool

Here instead a more advanced “tutorial” in which you will be guided through a simple research.

Update ! New “Advanced mode” (24/2/2020)

5GIT just received a rather important update introducing the new “Advanced mode” which basically add many layers divided per antenna polarisation.

Latest update of 5GIT introducing “advanced mode”